Q: Students of which areas can participate?
A: EBEC competition is meant for students of technology faculties of University of Zagreb.

Q: What level of knowledge is required to participate?
A: To participate, student have to be creative and innovative. No prior knowledge is required.

Q: Can I apply on my own or in teams?
A: You can apply either way. If you are applying as a team, every member should state the team name. If you don’t have a team we will assign you to a random team with less than 4 people.

Q: What if I win and can’t come to the regional round?
A: In that case you can find a replacement for your position in the team, or you can let us find the replacement.

Q: Do first, second and third place bring money prizes?
A: First place in Case Study and Innovative Design brings the opportunity to participate in the regional round of the competition and a cash prize of 2000 kn. For the second place the cash prize is 1000 kn and 500kn for the third place. All participants, no matter the placing will get a welcome pack filled with goodies.

Q: Who to contact if I have questions other than these?
A: Send an email to ebec@best.hr