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Automated Planning
Easily import thousands of orders and instantly get the most efficient routes and schedules for your drivers. Account for all workflow constraints. Maximize the number of orders performed, while reducing costs.

Driver and Vehicle
OptimoRoute™ calculates allowed working hours and driver costs to help eliminate overtime and reduce costs. Vehicle specifics put orders on the right truck (loading ramp, refrigeration) without overloading.

Order and Task
Optimize for the best routes & schedules while respecting all order and task criteria: priority, time windows, day of week, date range, reverse logistics orders, variable job durations, skills matching and more.

Live Tracking and ETA
Remove the element of surprise. Know where your drivers are and view estimated time of arrival to each location based on the real-time information collected with the OptimoRoute™ mobile app.

Realtime Order Tracking
Send customizable SMS messages or emails to customers informing them when the driver is scheduled to arrive.

Mobile App for Drivers
Native app for iOS and Android manages complete route, order information and navigation all on the driver’s phone. Route updates and order status immediately available.

Proof of Delivery
Rest assured with real-time delivery documentation. Capture digital signatures, photos & notes in the Mobile App for simplified claims resolution.

Customer Feedback
Automatic feedback requests let you quickly learn where you shine, what to improve and who is recommending you.

Realtime Route
Modification Insert last minute orders, adjust stop sequence or replan when a driver calls in sick. Routes automatically recalculated to reflect manual changes.

Pickup and Delivery BETA
Plan routes with passengers or goods passing from location to another without going through your depot. Contact us to enter our Beta program.

Weekly Planning
Specify days of the week or date ranges when the orders can be serviced and plan up to 5 weeks in advance with one click.

Multi-day Long-haul Routes BETA
Drivers complete routes over large area and several days. Stay overnight and continue next day where they left off.

Workload Balancing
Workload can be balanced using only drivers needed or using all drivers and distributing workload among them. Can be balanced by working hours or number of orders per driver.

Coordinated Orders
Need several people to do a job? Our Coordinated Orders feature gets it done, maintaining efficient schedules for everyone.

Flexible Start
Find the best shift start time for individual drivers to maximize working time and meet customer expectations.

Concise reports automatically generated from route data. Easily identify high performers. See exactly where planning hits the target and where to make adjustments.

Compare planned routes to actual and zero in with breadcrumbs trail to see exactly where you drivers have travelled. Identify deviations that need to be addressed.

Integration Easily sync your systems with OptimoRoute™. A robust, easy-to-use API allows end-to-end integration with your ERP, CRM, POS, FSM or any other platform.