Q: Students of which areas can participate?

A: EBEC competition is meant for students of technology faculties of University of Zagreb.

Q: What level of knowledge is required to participate?

A: To participate, student have to be creative and innovative. No prior knowledge is required.

Q: Can I apply on my own or in teams?

A: You can apply either way. If you are applying as a team, every member should state the team name. If you don’t have a team we will assign you to a random team with less than 4 people.

Q: What if I win and can’t come to the regional round?

A: In that case you can find a replacement for your position in the team, or you can let us find the replacement.

Q: Do first, second and third place bring money prizes?

A: Students accepted to Case Study of Team Design will be notified and asked to confirm their attendance by email. If they do not confirm, new participants will be selected in their place. In case you are selected, you will spend all day working on the task. You must not be late. All participants are also asked to attend the official closing and the announcement of the winners. Case Study participants should be present on both days (if you have a lecture during the day, you can leave temporarily, but you must be present at the presentations in front of the jury).

Q: Who to contact if I have questions other than these?

A: Send an email to [email protected]