Applying for EBEC

1. Step: Fill up the backup application form.

Due to the fact that some applications did not pass through regular, please fill out this form so that your participation in EBEC can be confirmed.

2. Step: Register on  the competition website

3. Step: Press Apply now ” and fill the application form.

In case of any issues with the international server, send the application on [email protected]

Before applying, unless you have already done so, you will need to register on . You do not needed to validate your profile to participate in the competition.

ALL members of the team have to apply.

To apply you will have to write two or three sentences explaining why you want to participate and also answer a couple of questions. Keep in mind that your answer will be read by your fellow students.

Applications start on February 4th and will end March 4th.

Applying for miBEC

miBEC is the official EBEC pre-event which will take place on March 1st, 2019 at FER.
the purpose of promoting the competition, we also organize the official EBEC pre-event. We will prepare short versions of Case Study and Team Design and, through this, introduce students and potential participants to the competition structure and partner companies.
You can apply via link.