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BEST Zagreb

Board of European Students of Technology


BEST Zagreb is a student association that provides students of the University of Zagreb the possibilities of additional professional education, contact with future employers, work in international teams, getting to know European cultures, developing tolerance and improving organizational skills.

The very beginning of the BEST Zagreb dates back to 1998., when students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture decided to found it. Thanks to a further initiative, BEST Zagreb was officially registered as an association in 1999.

Today, BEST Zagreb is present at almost all technical and technological faculties of the University of Zagreb and has gained the status of one of the most successful and most active local BEST groups in Europe. Currently, BEST Zagreb has more than three hundred members, of whom over 30 are active members, and the rest are alumni – once students and BEST members, and today successful engineers. Constant contact with alumni allows us to transfer all the knowledge that we are constantly improving and using successfully.


BEST Zagreb is dedicated to student development both in Croatia and in Europe.

  • International focus – our target group are students from all over Europe

  • Professional courses – we support the development and growth of students

  • People, not profit – education is a need, not a privilege

You can choose between our projects depending on what interests you or get involved in the work of the Association.


Empowered diversity

Our members are regularly in direct contact with different cultures. An environment in which diversity is encouraged allows all our members and students participating in our projects to reach their full potential.

Developing students

BEST provides students with the opportunity for personal development in the areas that interest them most. Our wish is that every student has the opportunity to use their full potential.

BEST Spirit is an inspiration for all of our activities.






BEST Zagreb is a volunteer, non-political, non-profit and non-representative extension of the international association Board of European students of technology.